Welcome to Wolpin Ranch

Home is where the heart is. Where you chose to be. Where you are. For a moment, a day, a year, a lifetime. Your dream. I dedicate this experience to all the "Blue Collar" Men and Women, whom despite their limited resources, were committed to "Living the Dream". To my Father, A.W. Wolpin, a strong honest Man, a Scholar, a Cowboy. A Man whom unfortunately was not able to live his dreams. To my Sisters; Patti & Lynda. Patti, who despite major adversity in her life, still has dreams. We rode many trails together. Lynda, who died too soon. She had many dreams, which unfortunately eluded her. She was a good hand with a horse, and loved to sing.

To my Mother Pat, a true pioneer, who has helped build three Rural Ranches, whom actually believes I am an intelligent, educated, successful man. My Champion. To my Son Sean, to whom I look to for direction, reason and inspiration. To my Wife MaryAnne, an equal partner all the way, whom gave me the gift of our wonderful Sean, and whom understood and tolerated, "The Boy in the Man". To my Pals, Bruce and Monte, whom have known me for a lifetime, and whom were proud of me for "Living my Dreams". They laughed with me, not at me. To my lost Dog Pals, Banjo Bingo, Fly and Lacy Lu. To Skip & Janet Jacques, for selling me the majestic Hickorys Leaha, making it possible for me to continue involvement in Cutting. Here's hoping everyone's dreams come true.

Please enjoy the Wolpin Ranch and me, "Living the Dream".


A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

SS Bay Dandy aka "Beau"

image sample Mike and SS Ban Dandy aka "Beau". A gift from my Father, who said to me, "Mike, this horse will never hurt you. He's got a short back, good legs, a decent hip, and enjoys playing". He's about 14 and a half hands, all Bay, Pure Bred Arabian Horse. Polish bred, related to Raffles, Witez II, Bolero, etc. I helped him into the world. I was visiting my Father's Ranch in Madera County mid April 1987. On April 15, 1987, at around 4:00 AM, my Father woke me up and told me the mare that was Maiden, was having a very difficult time delivering. When I arrived at the barn, my father said, "I think the Mare has had it Mike, and is going to die". She was just laying there, breathing in a labored manner. Just then, she moved and pushed a little bit and there were the front hooves. More...